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Computer Support Enzed Ltd are the New Zealand wide SYSPRO Business Partner selling, implementing and supporting SYSPRO software. SYSPRO is an international Accounting, Manufacturing and Distribution software package for 

the SME (Small, Medium Enterprise) market.  Known as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, SYSPRO is the backbone of a business, a silent employee  available 24/7 successfully supporting many industries world wide.

Computer Support Enzed Ltd sell, train and support SYSPRO and offer a business process analysis and customisation service. 



Thinking about getting
a new ERP system?

Now’s the time to do it and get big system functionality for a small system price with our SYSPRO  special. deals.

Here at Computer Support Enzed Ltd we understand the benefits of a good shake up having survived two big ones with no down time and enhanced respect for SYSPRO’s fabulous software.

Our earth shaking 
 deals will get you going on SYSPRO’s accounting and manufacturing
 software in as little as 3 months with our big discountsfree days of installation training and free phone support. Get all the benefits of top-end software at a small system price when we show you how friendly and easy SYSPRO is to use and customize in-house. 

Bite the bullet and phone us on 

03 928 1965 or 021 663570

to discuss your needs and we will send you a customized quote based on number of users and modules needed with detailed brochures.  

Free on-site visits to help you plan the changeover.


Computer Support Enzed is helping New Zealand users take full advantage of the new functionality in SYSPRO Reporting Services and integration to Microsoft Outlook with our electronic documentation customisation service.  

Users are saving time and money on postage and stationery by emailing invoices, statements and purchase orders in PDF format to their customers and suppliers.  CSE are speeding up the process with our form customisation service. We incorporate users logos and fonts into fully customised documents that look professional and functional. No confusion on what is ordered or needs paying. 

Current layouts still useable for those customers who want a printed hardcopy, so users have the best of both worlds.In addition standard Syspro reports are being being duplicated in Syspro Reporting Services and can be printed in any format as well as archived or batch printed to a schedule.

CSE also designs custom reports to virtually any level of complexity, complete with tailored reporting options, preferences and layout features.

Unlock your factory’s

hidden capacity with



have partnered


to create a powerful solution for mid-range factories that combines the best of SYSPRO, the world-class ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system with ASPECTPL, a dynamic MES (Manufacturing Execution System or real time Shop Floor Planner & Scheduler ) that punches above its weight in functionality and affordability.  

To arrange a webinar demo of SYSPRO FOR ASPECTPL please contact us at 
or 64 3 928 1965. International enquiries welcome, particularly if you are an existing SYSPRO user.

For more details click here 

Our combined software allows you to unlock the hidden capacity of your factory by determining where your effort should be directed in the market place.  Through realistic scheduling while tracking costing in the background you know in detail when you can deliver and which of your products are profitable. Track both material and labour in real time so you can make informed, realistic decisions and promises to customers.

AspectPL for SYSPRO is a real-time Manufacturing Execution System designed specifically for manufacturing businesses making a mix of discrete and batch products. To manage the manufacturing process and monitor overall machine productivity, AspectPL can be directly connected to machinery, track tools, and measure the quality and quantity of items produced at every stage through your factory,

Some users of AspectPL report productivity improvements of up to 20%. Improving operational effectiveness means that any extra manufacturing capacity freed up can now be utilized at a very high margin of around 50%.

The high level of in-house manufacturing expertise and knowledge of our combined teams is available to you to develop the right culture and focus in your factory.